7 knots every man should know

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7 knots every man should know

The skill of knotsmanship has been passed down through lots of generations for the simple reason that knots are used everywhere in our life. Whether you decide to cross the ocean or climb a mountain, heck even if you’re fixing stuff in the house you will have to learn how to properly tie a knot which is secure & stable.  Unfortunately many men don’t know how to properly tie one & end up making random loops & passes until they have something that looks like a knot but is not that securely tied.

We decided to put together a series of knots & how to do them in order to help you understand better how to do these knots.

The Square Knot/Reef Knot

The square/reef knot is an easy knot usually used to secure non critical items. This knot should not be used to secure two ropes together as it may slip. The name Reef knot comes from sailors using this knot for reef sails. This knot is unsafe & can easily come apart.

Can Be Used

  • Tie a string on a gift
  • Shoe Laces
  • Tie a sail cover over a sail

Reef knot

The Bowline

This is one of the most useful knots you can learn. The bowline is a really secure knot & is really easy to tie & untie. This is mostly known for forming a loop at the end or start of a line. Although it’s secure, this knot should not be trusted in a life & death situation such as mountain climbing.

Can Be Used

  • Hanging a Hammock
  • Camping
  • Tying a boat
  • Tying animals
  • Climbing
  • Rescue
  • Secure two lines together

bowline knot

The Half Hitch

A Half hitch is rarely used especially alone as it’s unsafe. Two half hitches can be used to tie a rope to an object such as tree or boat.

halfhitch knot

Taut Line

This is a knot mostly used by campers to tie guy lines. This knot slides freely, yet it jams under the load so you can make easy adjustments. This one is really easy.

taut line knot

Clove Hitch

A simple yet all-purpose hitch. Easy both to tie & untie. Since it’s a hitch this should be used with caution as they tend to slip especially if constant pressure is maintained on the line.

Can Be Used

  • Rock Climbing
  • Sailing

clove hitch knot

Figure Eight Knot

The figure eight is one of my favorites because it’s easy to remember and it makes for a good, secure, non-slip Loop at the end of a rope. This cannot be used to tie to a fixed object.

Can Be Used

  • Rock Climbing
  • Sailing

figure eight knot

Sheet Bend

The sheet bend is used to tie two ropes together even if they vary in greatly in size & material.

sheet bend knot

The difficult part about knowing the knots is remembering how to do them correctly so practice them multiple times to memorize them. You will surely find use for them in the near future.




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